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Connecting With The Elements - 5 Session Course


The elements are those that the ancients perceived to make up our world. The elements of Earth, Air, Fire and Water can be applied to all aspects of our lives and personalities. We need fire (from the Sun) to grow our food and keep us warm. We need water to drink and to sustain life on our planet. We need air to breathe and Earth that supports us and everything around us. Witches respect and use the elements as a framework and basis for magickal workings. An in depth learning of each one is essential in order to understand how to honour, connect and work with each one. As well as the four elements named above, they are all incorporated and overseen by a neutral fifth element: Spirit, or as some may say, Energy. Welcome to my next 5 part course.... 🙏 'Connecting With The Elements.' Each session is dedicated to an individual element; Earth Air Fire Water Spirit You can work your way through each element in your own time, learning more about its representation, how each one is a part of us and assists us in our everyday life, how to work with the energy of each element and utilise our knowledge into our various day to day, spiritual and magickal practices. Includes downloadable notes and worksheets to support you.

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