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A Beginner's course in Tarot reading.


6 pre recorded episodes teaching you how to read the Tarot from an experienced reader and mentor. You can learn and progress in your spiritual development within the convenience of your own time with this option. During the course you will learn; *The background of the Tarot *The Minor Arcana *The Major Arcana *Tarot Spreads *Connecting with your deck *Interpretations of the cards *How to read the cards in your own way *Intuitive reading *Symbology *Numerology *Zodiac and Elemental links to The Tarot *The history of The Tarot *Professional ethos and advise for reading the cards. You will need; *A pack of beginners tarot cards (Rider Waite would be ideal) *Pen and Paper *A calm room to support focus. Each lesson is 90+ minutes.

You can also join this program via the mobile app. Go to the app





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