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Connecting With The Cards

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This workshop will take you to the next level of not just reading the cards, but connecting with them. It includes an intensive and advanced look at; *Cartomancy differences; The Tarot, Oracle Cards and Playing Cards. *How to work with the cards for insight. *How to incorporate cards into your everyday life. *Turning self doubt of reading cards into empowerment. *How to use Cards for other purposes than readings. *Being unique in your reading style and understanding your personal abilities. *How to overcome the barriers of offering card readings. *What to do in sticky situations when offering readings. *Using personal experience to support further guidance. *The humorous side of reading cards. *Building confidence in card reading. Who will benefit from this workshop? Anyone. This program will not teach you how to read cards, (I do have a 5 part beginners course in Tarot available to watch online), but it will raise awareness of how to connect and bond with the cards as well as other useful information. Although this evening is aimed more at those who already have and work with cards, it can still be insightful and informative to those with an interest or future aim of working with the cards. This evening event is 90+ minutes

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